Yahoo Music API: Mashup artists, songs, and videos

Yesterday at the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog Jim Bumgardner, a Front-end engineer and "Yahoo! Music Nerd," announced the release of the Yahoo! Music API:

As a front-end engineer for Yahoo! Music, I've always thought it would great if the web services we use to create the Y! Music pages were available to developers outside of Yahoo!, and, as of today, due to the herculean labors of our web services team, they are!

Complete Documentation and examples for the API are available at YDN. It uses REST and will return data in XML, JSON, or RSS, and developers will need a YDN Application ID to for Authentication. Yahoo!'s BBAuth lets end users authorize mashups to access their profiles, music ratings, and recommendations.

In his post Bumgardner highlights using the API to search for artists, get artist information, get music video thumbnails, play videos, and browse similar artists. He also provides a sample PHP application that uses the API to list and play Daft Punk videos and navigate to videos of similar artists, as well as a Flash-based similar artists navigator with source (more at our simBrowser profile).

Currently developers are limited to 5,000 requests per day to the Yahoo! Music API and Bumgardner suggests, "A good way to work around this is to locally cache results for 24 hours - you'll find for most apps, the number of unique queries you need to make is well under 5K," an example of which is provided with the PHP sample. Yahoo! has set up a Music API forum for developers to seek help and collaborate.

Speaking of mashups, Yahoo's Jim Bumgardner, aka KrazyDad, also happens to be the creator of many fun mashups, including two of the earliest, most popular mashup listings on ProgrammableWeb: Coverpop (see and Wheel of Lunch (also at

Keep up with music mashups at our Music Mashup Dashboard with the latest music-related APIs and mashups.

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