Yahoo Offers New Travel APIs

Continuing their onslaught of new APIs, Yahoo! yesterday announced a set of new Travel APIs that allow you programmatic access to the Yahoo! Trip Planner.

As they note: "The Yahoo! Travel Trip Plan APIs have been designed to operate just like the Yahoo! Search APIs, so if you've already written code for Yahoo! Search you can start using Travel almost immediately with only minor modifications. And just like Yahoo! Search, the Yahoo! Travel APIs support both XML and JSON output. " The API groups are:

  • Trip Search: Use the Trip Search API to search for trip plans created by Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner. Search for public trips or restrict your search by keyword or to trips you or another user have created.
  • Get Trip: Use the Get Trip API to retrieve a specific trip from Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner.

There's a new full entry for this in the API database:


Now are 130 APIs listed.


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