Yahoo Search BOSS API V2 is Paid, V1 Gone in Two Weeks

It’s been a long year since Yahoo's major search API changes. One of its popular offerings, the Yahoo BOSS API, was marked for transition to a paid service after integrating search results from Microsoft Bing. In April of this year, Yahoo BOSS V2 was released with pricing details, OAuth support and optional Advertising. Users have reacted positively to the changes and Yahoo has responded back with updates to BOSS V2 and a very short timeline to upgrade apps from V1.

Rahul Hampole on Yahoo Search Blog announced the updates and also gave some hints on what is coming next. The key features include daily usage limits, HTTPS support, SQL+YQL support, News Service enhancements and Documentation upgrades. Also, BOSS V1 is scheduled for shutdown on July 20, 2011 and developers should transition over as quickly as possible. The deprecation of V1 was first announced in April.

Top of the list is the ability for developers to specify their daily usage limits. You can now specify a daily dollar limit for your service consumption and you can modify that as needed. This is especially important in a paid service since developers might not be prepared for an increased bill in case of a sudden spike in usage. Earlier in March, we had mentioned about OAuth support and with this update, you can now even use HTTPS.

YQL continues to be one of its smart offerings and this update brings along support for user created YQL table with BOSS. Other updates include enhanced search functionality and you can now search for specific headlines, news from a specific location and by specific language. Code examples in languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, Java and C# add to the examples that were previously available only in PHP.

In summary, it is good to see the Yahoo! BOSS Service being adopted by developers in spite of the uncertainty that has lingered for more than a year and coupled with the fact that the BOSS team has delivered enhancements keeping the developer feedback in mind. And with a quick turnaround time for upgrading your apps from BOSS V1, maybe you'll wait until you're finished to give that next round of feedback.

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