Yahoo Search Marketing API Released

Yahoo yesterday launced the Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program which provides multiple levels of developer access to their Panama ad serving Platform. The Panama service itself was launched earlier this year and is designed to balance relevancy and bid price in serving ads. While anyone can use these APIs, the primary audience will be ad agencies, advertisers, commercial ad tool developers, and search marketers. You can visit our new Yahoo Search Marketing API Profile here.

The new APIs come in three levels of commercial partnership: Basic, the free level for small agencies; Advanced, for larger agencies and provides SLAs and account management; and Elite, for the largest customers and in turn has higher levels of support and services.

Other advertising APIs listed here include of course the Google AdSense API and Google AdWords API as well as the Microsoft adCenter API.

And as an interesting side note, the major providers continue to roll-out new APIs like Google's last week and if you include the old and new Yahoo advertising APIs there are now 24 Yahoo APIs listed here. This is one ahead of Google's 23 APIs. Stay tuned...