Yahoo to Pull the Plug on MyBlogLog on May 24

Now there's a date. MyBlogLog has been on deathwatch for over a year. It's been clear that Yahoo would kill it and its MyBlogLog API, but still it kept dragging on, avoiding an execution date. According to several reports, Yahoo informed MyBlogLog users that the service will be extinguished May 24.

ReadWriteWeb explained its potential:

MyBlogLog was a service with incredible potential that was ahead of its time. It was like Facebook Connect, years before Facebook Connect. It was squandered by Yahoo. It's tragic.

To think that this service offered publishers and developers access to personal, demographic, taste and activity data of a website's readers - and yet that offering has in the end gone no where - that's downright crazy.

MyBlogLog's demise was most recently brought up alongside another Yahoo property, Delicious, which triggered massive backlash.

Mashable went into some of the history:

MyBlogLog was acquired by Yahoo in early 2007 for $10 million, and at the time, provided a way for bloggers to easily create a community for their readers.

The service had found its way to about 45,000 blogs by the time of the Yahoo acquisition but has since been supplanted by the likes of Twitter and Facebook widgets that accomplish much of the same thing but tap into much larger social networks.

CNet called it ahead of its time. And now we've added it to our API deadpool.