YAY Looks to Expand Stock Photo Business with Image API

One way to add channel partners who resell your product is with an API. YAY Micro is doing just that with its stock photo business. The Norway-based company has released an API that lets you sell its images white label for a commission.

The YAY Image API is a REST based API that returns XML or JSON. By integrating it with your website, you can offer site visitors direct access to YAY's servers. The API lets users search, preview, buy and download images directly from YAY without ever leaving your site. With nearly four million images, the company claims it has one of the larges stock photo collections in the world.

The Image API can be implemented in a few different ways. You can either set it up so YAY hosts the search engine or you have the option to download all of the metadata, which you can then implement in your own search engine. You can even add your own watermarks on the preview images to make them as white label as possible.

When using the API, you get access to a control panel where you can see all the downloads provided through the API. Images are priced from $2 to $200, depending on size and usage. The company also offers subscriptions. Image licenses are royalty free and there are no restrictions on medium, size or usage. You can set your own limitations as you see fit. The company promises a 20% commission on all sales you generate.

Interested developers should send an email to YAY requesting an API Key for testing purposes. The key allows you to search but not to buy or download. When you have everything set up and are ready to sell images, the company will send you a contract to fill out.

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