Year of the API at Shopify Unite 2019

Today marks the last day of Shopify's annual partner and developer conference: Shopify Unite 2019. A common theme popped up again and again at this year's conference: APIs. In total, Shopify announced more than 11 new or updated Shopify APIs. Let's review some of the highlights.

Shopify is clearly dedicated to expanding its Platform internationally. The new Translations API allows sellers to support selling in multiple languages. When paired with Shopify's Local API (which allows developers to manage languages and locales published on a particular store) and the Liquid API (helps present translations to stores at the store, checkout, and notifications stages), Shopify users are armed with a ready-to-go international e-commerce store.

Additionally, Shopify's API strategy shows more and more dedication to giving users more control over the many operations within a store. The new Sections API, which is available in preview, allows developers to individually manage different sections within Shopify's new online store experience. Further, the Fulfillment API gives merchants granular oversight and the ability to manage each step of the order fulfillment process (e.g. communication, inventory, receive and decline fulfillment requests, etc.).

The API story continues. Other new APIs currently available in preview include the Order Editing APIs, Media APIs, and Shipping profiles. Other updated and new APIs include Delivery Profiles, Discounts, Bulk, Private Meta fields, Billing, and Multiple Currency APIs. For a full list of API updates, check out the blog post announcement and changelog.

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