Yellow Pages Group: Let Your APIs do the Walking

Back in May 2011 Canadian YPG launched their developer ecosystem, which Programmableweb covered at the time, "to support and stimulate startup innovation in the local search and location based services market, including a certified developer program and four ways to monetize applications." Fast forward 20 months and the ecosystem now has 2,300 API-related partners, according to Mashery's Devon Biondi.

The transformation of YPG from a print publication to an online operation was done with the help of Mashery. It's all about local search, according to its API director,

“The advertising game is transforming, and Gen Y folks may have never used a phone book,” explained YPG’s API Director Bradley Wing. “But now our API lets us power the big and small local search apps they use on a daily basis.”

YPG has created the Places API to allow developers to stream local search results from over 1.5 million business listings across Canada. It's currently working on a new Deals API to stream the top Canadian deals and coupons into applications.

Founded in 1908 with the very first printed directory listing, YPG has come a long way. Through its support program, YellowAPI has spawned dozens of apps, reaches over 9 million users monthly and generated over $360 million in online revenue in 2011. Built-in advertising tools help developers win as well. Who says you can't teach old printers new tricks?

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