Yelp Announces API Console and Will Soon End V1 Endpoints

As Yelp prepares to end version 1 of the Yelp API, the local business data provider announced an API console that allows developers to explore response details returned by the API without writing any code. The API console and the v2 API release both further Yelp's January announcement in which it stated plans to simplify app Integration with Yelp's local layer.

Yelp already deprecated v1 of its API. Alongside the API console announcement, Yelp will shut down v1 endpoints for good on July 15. The Yelp developer site includes a migration path for those needing to migrate to v2. Yelp has included examples and libraries at GitHub to assist developers looking to add a local layer to their apps.

The Yelp API allows for search of more than 50 million local businesses across 27 countries. The API grants access to Yelp ratings, reviews, photos and more. Filters available include category and geography. For access to the API console, users must first create API v2 credentials. The API console allows users to explore endpoints in depth, experiment with request parameters, and debug code against formed queries and responses.

Whether you need to find a place to eat, choose a handyman, or find a gift shop, Yelp continues to rise in popularity as the tool to use for such needs. The Yelp API adds the app's functionality to third-party apps. A number of household names have already integrated with the Yelp API to add value with Yelp's local layer features. With v2 and the API console, Yelp makes integration with third parties easier, and we can expect to see more Yelp data throughout the app ecosystem in coming months.

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