Yelp Introduces Overhauled Developer Program and New Fusion API

In addition to taking its bug-bounty program public, and revamping its API, Yelp made more developer news today with a brand new Yelp Fusion API, and an overhauled Developer Portal. Yelp Fusion provides enhanced access to Yelp's local content across the globe with new functionality including search filters, content caching, additional photo access, new delivery Integration options, autocomplete, and OAuth 2.0 support. The new developer portal aims to reach developers and partner companies in new ways.

"Consumer demand for local content is only increasing, so to answer that need, we've decided to double down on our developer program and give developers more tools and rich Yelp data to work with," Chad Richard, Yelp SVP of Business and Corporate Development, commented in a company blog post.

From augmented reality and robotics, to in-car navigation and transportation, Yelp data continues to integrate with third party apps across industries. To display the possibilities of using Yelp data, check out Yelp's developer showcase for integrations. Yelp's focus is on hyper-local content, which continues to become more attractive, as the amount of global (and potentially irrelevant) data continues to populate the Web and the mobile worlds.

"The Yelp Fusion API is a rebuild from scratch and is a substantial improvement upon our previous API," Chad Richard, Yelp SVP of Business and Corporate Development, told ProgrammableWeb. "It will be the primary tool for developers who want to build with Yelp content."

Richard continued to explain that the Fusion API will be the API used by developers new to Yelp content, and Yelp will encourage existing developers to migrate to the new API. That being said, Yelp won't be turning off the older API anytime soon; and will work with developers to migrate.

Yelp's developer program is not solely focused on the Yelp-owned resources. Yelp hopes that the Yelp Fusion API will be adopted by third-party developer programs. For instance, SoundHound has integrated Yelp's API directly into its developer Platform (Houndify), which enables a voice-enabled, conversation interface into any app or service.

Yelp intends to evangelize its new API and developer program through participation in developer-focused events and hackathons. Yelp recently participated in API:World where it was able to garner helpful feedback on the API beta. Yelp plans to share more on that topic in coming weeks. For more information, visit Yelp's Fusion developer program. Yelp also encourages both questions and ideas at  

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