Yelp Launches Developer Preview of Revamped API

Yelp has launched a developer preview of its newly revamped Yelp API. The new release arrives after months of new feature development based on the feedback from the developer community. Developers had consistently asked for access to more Yelp data and enhanced functionality within the API. In response, Yelp has provided completely new API.
Two new features include autocomplete and transaction search. Autocomplete assists locating the search term as the user initiates input. The feature adds a layer of intuition to the search functionality. The new search endpoint allows users to locate businesses that offer online ordering (specifically food delivery). Existing food delivery businesses on Yelp (e.g. Eat24, ChowNow,, EatStreet) are available through the endpoint.
 Further, Yelp is exposing more business data through the API. Endpoints now return hours, pricing, and three high-resolution photos. Additionally, a new reviews endpoint provides three review Yelp user excerpts per business. To learn more, sign up for access.   
From an architecture standpoint, the new API utilizes OAuth 2.0, as opposed to OAuth 1.0 that was previously used. A new client credentials flow allows simpler access to the API. With a brand new architecture, Yelp believes endpoint names, parameters, and responses will all make for a simpler developer experience. Visit the docs at GitHub, or create a new issue at the repo for feedback regarding bugs, feature requests, or "random thoughts"). 

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