Yelp Updates Fusion API, Signals the End of Legacy API

Last year, Yelp introduced its Yelp Fusion API. The new API was a complete rebuild from the previous Yelp API. Since its introduction, Yelp has continued to invest time and resources into the Fusion API. Accordingly, Yelp recently announced new features, some bug fixes, and the winding down of the the original Yelp API.

First, Yelp added a new filtering attribute to the search endpoint. Specifically, users can now filter businesses based on a business' use of online waitlisting, Yelp Cash Back, and Yelp Deals. Further, Yelp has updated assets related to Yelp reviews. Stars on display requirements are now pre-built. They are based on the rating and matches the style that the company uses on

On the bug fix side of things, Yelp has been updating the API based on bugs reported through GitHub. All changes and bug fixes have been tracked on the public changelog. Yelp encourages the developer community to continue providing feedback through GitHub or email the team at

With all hands focused on the Fusion API, Yelp will continue to move away from the legacy API. The first step is disabling v2 API signups. The disablement will begin April 1, 2017. Current API keys will continue to work post April 1. Yelp has not yet decided on a shutdown timeline, but will share it with the developer community as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

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