Yet Analytics Builds Upon the DoD’s Experience API

The developer community is an open and inclusive Resource that encourages advancements by allowing collaboration. According to Stephen Babcock’s article for Baltimore, Yet Analytics recently benefitted from this fact with some help from a surprising new member to the open source family.

Yet Analytics was created by the edtech team behind An Estuary. The goal was to improve professional development for teachers, but they ran into difficulty with data collection and data interoperability.

“You think you’re the only one with a problem,” said Shelly Blake-Plock, CEO of Yet. “And then you look out, and there are some other crazy people trying to solve that same problem. And you can all work together.”

The team received unexpected assistance from the U.S. Department of Defence, who introduced Yet to Experience API. Known as xAPI, the tool was developed by the DoD to allow the data collected from remote training exercises to be interpreted across devices, simulations and environments. With the growth in wearables, augmented reality and the IoT, the team realised the value of making the data work together.

The Yet Analytics team spent 9 months incorporating xAPI into Yet Core, which is a data architecture that standardises data, “making it smart before it hits the database.” Since xAPI can be used for training in any discipline, it lines up well with the company’s edtech core, and they are currently partnering with non-profit The Learning Accelerator, who trains educators in blended learning.

Yet Analytics was created with the help of the open source community, and so they hope to have a real-world impact by remaining open and allowing developers to build on top of their work.
According to Yet Analytics Chief Marketing Officer Margaret Roth, “As this is a community effort and this is an open-source effort, we want to help as much as we can move that entire system forward, in addition to our own Platform.”

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This Baltimore training startup is built on a Defense Department API