YIELD App Adds API for Decentralized Financial Products

YIELD App, a provider of traditional and Decentralized financial (DeFi) services, has announced a new API that is intended to provide third-party organizations with access to high-yield cryptocurrency products.

This new offering is announced in partnership with Finxflo, a popular liquidity aggregator, and will allow their customers to engage with YIELD App products without leaving the Finxflo ecosystem. 

Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App stated in the company provided press release that:

“Our new API will offer high-yielding products powered by DeFi for third-party financial institutions and their client base, by unlocking these new yield options and integrating with leading companies in the space like Finxflo, we hope to bring DeFi investing to millions of users across the globe.”

Interested developers can check out a test trading platform that YIELD App has published for educational purposes. 

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