YNAB Launches an API for its Budgeting Platform

YNAB, a budgeting app that stands for You Need a Budget, this week announced the launch of an API that will allow third-party developers to build their own apps that incorporate functionality and data from YNAB.

Developers can build apps that monitor balances in specific categories, such as a savings account for a life event, or that send notifications when money is being spent too quickly. They can also use the API to deliver data stored in YNAB in novel ways to new kinds of devices. For example, YNAB even suggests that a developer could integrate YNAB with a Phillips Hue smart lightbulb. When a checking account balance dropped below a certain amount, the lightbulb's color can be changed to red.

"YNAB is a fully remote company, and our API actually grew out of our last in-person developer meetup—a 24-hour internal hackathon in which we built a prototype API," YNAB's CTO explained in the announcement. "By the end of that meetup, not only was our API prototype up and running, we’d also tested several cool integrations, including: grocery budget reminders popping up on Android phones when we walked into the grocery store, automated text messages arriving on our phones if we overspent on ‘Fun Money’, and an IFTTT Integration!"

To help developers get started, YNAB has published API documentation and launched an API forum.

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