Yodlee Debuts New Developer Programs

Everybody likes money, but nobody likes the inconvenience of having to visit different sites to manage all their accounts.  Redwood City-based Yodlee has been aggregating financial data for its MoneyCenter users and partner companies since 1999, and is now expanding its developer services to include "Accelerator" and "Incubator" programs, both of which augment its existing API offerings.

Yodlee's technology is well-established.  They provided the API behind Mint.com until early 2010, when Mint.com was acquired by Intuit and switched over to their new parent company's infrastructure.  That parting of the ways didn't slow Yodlee down too much; in late 2010, they launched their FinApp SDK and also announced a partnership with startup incubator Y Combinator, giving a whole flock of fledgling companies access to Yodlee's aggregation Platform.

As announced in a May 2nd press release and detailed on the new Yodlee Interactive site, the Incubator Program offers "development access and one-on-one development assistance" with the added possibility of distribution support.  The Accelerator Program promises "access to the award-winning Yodlee Platform - free of charge."  (Currently, Yodlee's FinApp APIs require an annual or monthy license fee.)

Yodlee Interactive is asking interested companies to apply for the Accelerator or Incubator Programs by e-mail.  It's not clear what criteria Yodlee are using to select "qualified companies," but if you're looking to build an application that makes use of financial data, it couldn't hurt to inquire. Yodlee has built its "financial cloud" by partnering with many institutions, including five of the ten largest US banks, and boasted 30 million users in mid-2011.  What have you got to lose but a little time?

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