Yodlee Expands API Offering with FastLink

Yodlee Interactive announced its annual API business growth has doubled. Despite its growth and its service to millions of consumers across the globe, Yodlee introduced Yodlee Fastlink to increase innovation and bring implementations to market quicker. Yodlee's Chief Strategy Officer, Joseph Polverari, posted:

"Demand for Yodlee Interactive’s API continues to grow rapidly....FastLink is the latest development in our ongoing commitment to stimulating innovation and managing for rapid deployment, so that innovations can come quickly to market."

Yodlee created the first patented global money management Platform and its APIs power 7 of the top 10 U.S. financial institutions. Many Yodlee customers have already implemented FastLink (e.g. Equifax and SmartCredit.com). SmartCredit.com CEO, David Coulter, complimented Yodlee on its partnership and continuous ingenuity:

"Yodlee has been a great partner in helping us launch the first true Integration of money, credit and identity in to a fantastic and simple service for consumers to manage their financial lives."

Yodlee will present FastLink in more depth at Money 2020. The presentation will feature FastLink and seven Yodlee partners to showcase requirements for building a digital financial platform. For more information on FastLink or any Yodlee API, please visit Yodlee's developer site.

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