Yodlee Interactive Enhances API for Cross-Platform Apps and Increased Flexbility

Yodlee Interactive, financial data and transaction Platform provider, has launched major enhancements to its API offering. Over 600 companies around the world already rely on Yodlee to fuel financial apps and services for millions of consumers. Yodlee Interactive’s API previously supported SOAP/ XML and powered some of the most innovative financial apps around. However, an expanded support for REST, JSON, and HTML will enable simplified Integration and cross-platform functionality.

Yodlee Interactive General Manager, Joseph Polverari, commented:

“Yodlee Interactive’s new API allows developers and companies to build and distribute their applications with financial data integration faster than ever before…. API innovations have a single goal: to get new personalized solutions and services to market with as little work as possible, and without having to focus so much on building out the infrastructure for each particular platform or channel.”

Yodlee Interactive’s API provides backend aggregation of over 12,000 financial data sources from over 100 account types. Accordingly, users can access 99 percent of US financial accounts via the API. The new API enhancements are currently in private beta, but early adopters have praised the new capabilities. PowerWallet CEO, Bob Sullivan, noted:

“We find that the new interface fits perfectly into our product roadmap for PFM and beyond….The REST API facilitates rapid scale development and deployment of products utilizing Yodlee’s data aggregation services. With the new JSON format, it minimizes any translation and allows us to store and process the data more efficiently. The lightweight nature of JSON helps facilitate the entire development deployment process. We are fans!”

Yodlee Interactive has added REST/JSON support to complement the existing SOAP/XML support. Additionally, the API now supports HTML for cross-platform/cross-device development and support. Simplified mapping eliminates the need for direct ordering of attributes. To learn more, sign up for early access.

Yodlee offers the industry’s largest data platform and currently powers apps and services for some of the largest names on the planet. With its expanded API strategy, not only can it service existing financial giants, Yodlee aims to serve as “the platform for financial innovation.” Given its flexibility, expanded functionality, and best in class database, Yodlee Interactive sits in a prime position to drive a new wave of financial apps and services.

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