You Tracker Image Resizer API Offers Programmatic Ability to Resize Images offers a free Web Service that allows websites to resize images to a specified height and width. Programmatic access to the service comes through the You Tracker Image Resizer API. The service allows users to preserve image quality percentage, aspect ratio, and can prevent enlargement. The API eliminates the need to manually resize images and users need not wait for images to load.

You-Tracker drives users to a single site for a host of needs. Whether it's product reviews, news releases, or web development, You-Tracker aims to serve as a one stop shop for web content and tools. As web development has expanded beyond an isolated developer community, and into the world of mommy-bloggers and laymen, tools like the Image Resizer eliminate a common frustration among the new world of web developers.

The Image Resizer API uses HTTP. The required data include width of image, height of image, and URL of the image. Defaults regarding enlargement, quality, and ratio are set at default, but can be altered. For more information, visit the API site.

Without requisite web development skills, resizing images for a site or blog is a serious pain. Tools such as You-Tracker's Image Resizer reduce frustration. The more useful tools You-Tracker can present to its target audience, the more it can drive traffic to its content. The Image Resizer may be a significantly helpful tool, but it may be a genius marketing tactic.

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