Is Your Business More Productive? Check! Checkmarkable API

Many of us have far too much on our minds and are often juggling various commitments at once. The humble checklist is an effective tool in the process of dividing to-do lists into practical steps, making our general existence a lot more productive. Checkmarkable is an online service that follows this very principle but is aimed at business processes in particular. Checkmarkable also provides the Checkmarkable API which makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate it with other applications.


The idea is that an effective checklist will free users up to focus on their actual work, and in so doing, become more productive. Checkmarkable allows users to document their processes as straightforward, reusable checklists that can be edited and shared with other users. These collaborative checklists help to streamline business processes, using the knowledge and experience of the whole team, helping them achieve more as they break down work into achievable steps.

The Checkmarkable API is available in beta form and uses an access token or session auth to validate API requests. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. More information is available on the Checkmarkable website.

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