Your Facebook Soon Available in Print, Like the Old Days

Facebook is a great tool for being able to go back and reminisce of good times with your friends and everything else that's happened in your life. Pretty cool stuff, that Facebook. YearlyLeaf not only agrees, but figured that the moments of your life are important enough to get in print using the Facebook API.


YearlyLeaf connects to the Facebook Graph API and, with your permission to access your account, grabs up all of your photos and status updates. Using its web tool, you can pick through who to include and exclude in your book. $25 later, you get a wonderful moleskine book of your Facebook memories.

Geekwire talked to the founders:

“We use the new Facebook Graph APIs to automatically pull in all of the relevant posts, images, and comments for the year,” explains Michael. “The user then uses our easy interface to choose which friends they would like to include/exclude in the book and which apps to show posts from. The pages of the books are then automatically designed and formatted.”

"We specialize in telling a users’ whole social story, not just pictures, but check-ins, status updates, comments and relationships."

This is definitely one of the most awesome uses of the Facebook API. Sure, single-sign-on is great and all, but having an actual book of your life is wonderful.

For now, all you can do is head over to and get your name on the reservation request list or wait it out until YearlyLeaf has their full launch.

There are also plans to launch a free version that you can print out on your own.

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