YouTube Activities Go Real-time: Here Comes the Future

Recently we wrote about the wonders of PubSubHubBub and what was possible when services push data, in real time, to external web apps. Twitter's Stream API makes it clear that we're headed towards an exciting and very real-time web. Now YouTube and its YouTube API are along for the ride.

Google's video site recently announced that it added PubSubHubBub to its Activities feeds. What this means is that you can have apps that are triggered immediately after a video is uploaded, a user receives a new subscription, or a user favorites a video. Immediately. No constant polling to check for updates.

This is very cool stuff. Basically, we're moving towards being able to have feed readers that pick up data in real time, as things happen, rather than in intervals. With a giant like YouTube getting behind PubSubHubBub (a technology started within Google), it's only a matter of time before we can get PubSubHubBub rolling in the Facebook API and in the publishing feeds of our favorite websites.

The YouTube announcement post offers will point you in the right direction in getting your reader (or app) to start receiving these PSHB-ified feeds so head over there and get rolling. For an overview of PSHB, be sure to check out the video embedded above (YouTube, naturally). And let us know what you think of the real-time movement.

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