YouTube Adds Historical Data to Reporting API

The YouTube Reporting API was launched last October to help developers evaluate data about their channels. This week, YouTube announced the latest feature of the Reporting API: historical data. The API grants access to historical data (i.e. the later of 180 days prior to a reporting job's initial date or July 1, 2015). YouTube created the feature in direct response to user demand.

Since the creation of the Reporting API, the API generates reports from the original schedule date forward. Now, the API takes a 180-day lookback period as well. While YouTube announced the new feature this week, the feature itself has actually been around for a few weeks. Those who keep a close eye on the API docs may have caught the addition in the Historical Data section of the docs. Historical reports are delivered as soon as the reports become available. However, it can take about a month for all historical data to be posted for a particular job.

Since the historical data is only available back to July 1, 2015; jobs created prior to December 28, 2015 will retrieve less than 180 days of historical data. For those that have jobs currently scheduled, historical data will automatically be generated. There is no need for code tweaks to start utilizing the new feature. Looking for additional resources or more guidance? Check out the API Explorer, sample code, and client libraries for more information.

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