YouTube API Blog Launches

On Tuesday this week the official YouTube API Blog launched with their first post. No news there yet, but is surely a good place to keep an eye on if you're developing with their API. We have updated our YouTube API Profile to include both the blog and the YouTube API Google Group.

As of today we have 116 YouTube mashups listed at PW. Clearly this is an API lots of developers have an interest in. If you have any ideas about what would make the YouTube API better, they're inviting API feature requests here. So far developers have asked for things like the ability to add and delete videos, an API for video responses, and hooks into the player.

Speaking of those additions to the YouTube API profile: we've been enhancing our API profiles recently with some new data. For example, two new profile fields are API Blog and API Forum. This allows you to quickly see if a given API has an associated blog and some type of newsgroup or dedicated forum. More enhancements coming soon...

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