YouTube API: Try Before You Buy

Did you ever want to have a quick-and-easy way to test-out an API without having to write code? Now with the YouTube API you can. They now offer developers this web-based interactive form which lets you explore and interact with the YouTube API. You can setup and test API calls directly: choose operations, specify parameters, and see the Atom, RSS or JSON results.

As Google's Stephanie Liu notes in the YouTube Developer API Blog, having a tool like this serves a number of useful functions:

Build query strings, experiment with the different feeds, and even make authenticated queries using AuthSub. This is also a great way to help debug problems with the API and compare responses against what you are seeing in your code.

In the past we've looked at a dozen interactive API test tools. These come from vendors from Facebook to Amazon as well as much smaller startups.

While these can be handy in many cases, they've proven to be hard to standardize across API because of the diversity of REST approaches out there. Each vendor is forced to roll their own, part of the reason why only a handful of vendors offer these at this point. Hopefully we'll see more of these over time.

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