YouTube Create: Now Any App Can Add Videos

Do you wish there was an easy way to create animated movies where all you had to do was simply select the character, scene, provide the dialogues and the software would take care of the rest? What if all of this was possible right in your browser and as a bonus the video got posted to YouTube to share with your friends? The Create gives that power to anyone and your apps can join in the fun using the YouTube API.

The YouTube Create announcement discusses some current and potential applications:

One True Media is a simple video editor. GoAnimate lets you create custom animations. Stupeflix lets you mix pictures, videos, maps, text, and music into a story. Xtranormal lets you turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Who knows what other developers have in store for

These third-party applications allow you to create videos and then post them to Youtube. There are already four applications listed that allow you to create cool videos either predefined characters, scenes or even your own digital content. One of them, GoAnimate is fun to use and you will be able to whip up videos using their characters within minutes.

If you are a publisher of applications that allow people to create videos easily, the YouTube Create is a great Platform to make your applications available to millions of users. And getting in early might be a good move. GoAnimate, for example, reported a 50% increase in usage after moving to this platform.

If you plan to be a publisher, you will need to meet the requirements as mentioned in the blog post. Apart from various assets and branding guidelines, you will also need to ensure that your application supports the Google federated login using OpenId and should post a video to YouTube on behalf of the user using OAuth2 or AuthSub.

So go ahead and unleash the movie director in you--or your users.

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