YouTube Introduces 360-Degree Live Streaming

YouTube has introduced 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio. YouTube first introduced 360-degree video just over a year ago. Utilizing the technology in a live streaming environment elevates immersive video to a new level. Spatial audio supplements the experience by allowing users to hear in a manner a person would hear if he or she were physically present.

YouTube launched the two new features at Coachella, where it live streamed select performances in 360 degrees. Further, YouTube has partnered with innovative companies like VideoStitch and Two Big Ears to bring 360-degree live streams and spatial audio to third party software platforms. Additionally, those interested can test drive the new features at YouTube Space locations around the world.

Since the launch of 360-degree video, YouTube has benefited from the work of musicians and athletes to brands and creators. Adding live streaming to the already powerful technology allows users to experience news events as they  progress in real-time. YouTube envisions an immersive experience that melts the physical constraints of the world away.

Spatial audio delivers a listening experience that incorporates depth, distance, and intensity. These effects better mimic in-person listening and delivers a more realistic audio experience. YouTube added a playlist to its channel to demonstrate the new feature. Google previously introduced spatial audio in other products (e.g. Google Cardboard), and has encouraged third parties to include the functionality by supporting the feature in SDKs for Unity and Android.

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