YouTube WatchMe For Android Brings Live Broadcasting To Third Party Apps

YouTube has launched an open-source project called 'YouTube WatchMe for Android', which is available on GitHub. The reference app will make it possible for developers to easily integrate YouTube Live Streaming into Android apps.

In a recent blog post announcing the project, YouTube says that the same live broadcasting capabilities that have already been seen in apps like 'Live on YouTube' by Xperia™ and 'Re' by HTC, will now be available for third party Android apps. Presented with a simple interface, users will be able to tap a thumbnail or press a button to start and stop live broadcasts from their phones to YouTube. Users can then view and share these live events as well.

YouTube WatchMe for Android makes use of the YouTube Data API v3, YouTube Live Streaming API, Google Play Services and Plus API to achieve all of this. In order to give it a go, developers will need to sync with the GItHub repo, then enable the YouTube Data API v3 and Google+ API, and Create a client ID for Android using their SHA1 and package name, all via the Google Developer Console.

The folks at YouTube say that the app is still in its experimental phase, and currently developers will be able to customise it for their own apps, as well as file merge requests for new features and submit bug reports. For further information and developments with the project, developers can keep an eye on the YouTube API blog or subscribe to the YouTube for Developers channel

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