You've Seen the Star Wars Premiere, Now Check Out the Star Wars Graph

What better way to usher in the latest Star Wars premiere than building the Star Wars Graph with the assistance of the Star Wars API (SWAPI)? SWAPI contains data about Star Wars characters, planets, starships, films, species, and much more. In building the Star Wars Graph, technologist William Lyon, imported data from SWAPI into Neo4j to construct a graphical representation of how certain Star Wars related data points relate to each other.

SWAPI pulls data from the Wookieepedia Wiki (an open Star Wars encyclopedia that thousands of Star Wars fans have contributed to). Because the SWAPI is a REST API, calls are returned as URLs. To populate the graph with meaningful data, Neo4j is used as a queuing mechanism to pull data later. Check out a read-only version of the Star Wars Graph here.

SWAPI is not the only Star Wars-themed API ProgrammableWeb has come across. We covered the Yoda Speak API a few years ago. The Yoda Speak API, based on the Yoda Speak Generator, digests inputted text and converts the text into language one would expect to hear from Yoda. While the usefulness of either API to the developer community may be limited, Star Wars-related APIs sure present an opportunity for some fun. Because both APIs are freely available, an introduction to Yoda Speak and SWAPI may be the perfect free Christmas gift for your developer/Star Wars groupie friends and family. 

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