Zapier Launches API Status Board

Zapier automates tasks between online services and APIs. Zapier provides seamless Integration between almost 200 different web services. Additionally, Zapier just launched a new API Status Board. The API Status Board helps developers uncover downtime for any of the APIs Zapier integrates. Zapier co-founder and CEO, Wade Foster, told PW: "[W]e typically catch outages even before vendors are reporting them."

The API Status Board can be accessed at the Zapier site; or, developers can integrate the dashboard with existing tools via the API Status API. Zapier was already calling its APIs hundreds of millions of times each month; accordingly, providing an API monitoring service was the next logical step.

The API Status Board API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. The main Function of the API serves to retrieve the status of a Zapier covered APIs. For more information, visit the API Status Board site.

We all know that APIs connect apps, web services, even hardware these days. Although APIs have simplified syncing and data sharing across disparate properties, not everyone has the technical savvy to integrate APIs. Zapier fills that technical gap so anyone can integrate two or more apps. The API Status Board adds to Zapier's already robust toolset.

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