Zapier Overhauls Developer Portal, Adds API Learning Course

ProgrammableWeb has covered Zapier from its early days a few years ago to its continued innovation and success. Today Zapier took another major leap forward with the release of its new Zapier Developer Platform. We caught up with Zapier co-founder and CEO Wade Foster on the eve of the Platform launch.

The original developer platform was released in 2012. The platform started with merely a handful of SaaS providers. The platform was accepted with great enthusiasm and has seen more than 100 services added to it; however, Foster explains the decision to overhaul:

"The original developer platform was really just an MVP, but it's been enormously successful. Since its launch in August 2012, over 100 third-party services have been added to Zapier. The biggest benefit it provides to SaaS vendors is that:

1. It provides a huge breadth of integrations out of the box

2. It's easier to build then a single Integration

3. All the maintenance, support and infrastructure for the integrations are handled by Zapier"

Part of Zapier's appeal is its ability to put integration capabilities in the hands of laymen. With the power of Zapier, any run-of-the-mill Evernote user can easily sync notes into a Dropbox account. Foster explains how the new release expands such simplicity:

"The Zapier developer platform is best suited for SaaS vendors. Plugging into Zapier gives them integrations in minutes. However, along with the release of the new developer platform, we'll also be announcing an API course that will help anyone—no matter their coding experience—learn how to use APIs."

For those concerned about an overhaul disturbing a solid platform that they have come to rely on, Foster assures that the overhaul should only improve inefficiencies with the current platform:

"The platform has been in the market since 2012. With this iteration we're hoping to engage with developers who have previously tried to use the developer platform but have been unsuccessful because of limitations that are now fixed in this release. All the existing 126 partners have already been ported over to the new release, including companies like HubSpot, Microsoft, Pipedrive, Insightly and many others."

When asked about his expectations for the new release, Foster is nothing but optimistic about Zapier's future and expects success of the new release:

"Since August 2012, we've added 141 new services via the developer platform and 262 in total. We've identified over 900+ SaaS apps that would be a great fit with Zapier and expect to make significant inroads to integrating them."

As the app economy continues to explode, consumers expect apps to communicate with each other. Zapier has enabled that process, and its revamped developer platform adds new SaaS providers and streamlined efficiency. SaaS providers have come to depend on Zapier for inter-app communication, and Foster feels confident that such reliance will only deepen with the new release.

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