Zappos API Growing Up: Version 2 Coming This Week

Customer service-driven company Zappos, which first launched its developer program in June, is showing it's still focused on its Zappos API. The Platform for platform shoes has been hard at work on a new version, according to Zappos' Will Young, though developers won't notice much difference quite yet.

"We rewrote a lot of our API infrastructure and in doing so future enhancements and maintenance to the API will be easier and more robust," Young wrote in a developer blog post. As part of that, the revamped API will be released mid-week. Developers will only notice small technical improvements, such as sending JSON responses as application/json and providing a 400 error when passing invalid parameters.

Young hints at future improvements and announcements, including a developer contest, which would be the company's first. However, the API has been developer-focused from the start, responding to the needs of its users. When the initial terms of service disallowed mobile applications, Zappos came to its senses, reversing the rule.

With the company looking to developers, now would be the time to answer the question: what would you want in an API for shoe shopping?

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