Zappos Contest Offers Shoe Money

Seller of shoes and more, Zappos has added an external, virtual hackathon to its internal company event this week. While Zappos engineers work on their quirky or useful projects outside their normal job, the company has invited developers to use the Zappos API to make something great, fun, weird or mashed-up.

Since the hackathon is taking place this week alongside Zappos' internal hackathon, winners will be decided by voting within the whole company. So, make the happiness-makers happy and you could have yourself some shoe money.

The contest is perfectly-timed with the theme of gifting. The Zappos blog post highlights the prizes:

  • Best Overall Application: $100 value ($100.00 electronic gift certificate)
  • Most Fun and Weird Application: $100 value ($100.00 electronic gift certificate
  • Best Mash-up Application (integrating other APIs or apps): $100 value ($100.00 electronic gift certificate

Additionally, there are prizes for using Zappos with the Rovi API, SendGrid API and TokBox API.

Need a little more time to code? Our API contest / hackathon page shows several with deadlines into 2012. Heck, that's a gift right there.


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