Zappos to Launch API For Shoes

It will give a whole new meaning to Platform shoes. Online shoe retailer Zappos is alpha testing its upcoming API. The platform has endpoints to search products and provide details, such as price and images. Pairing the API with Zappos' affiliate program, developers could also make money when users buy products.

The API has been in development since at least early April. In addition to the basic searching, Zappos plans to share some of its data, according to Product Manager Will Young:

In our upcoming releases, we are going to have a lot more fun things. APIs such as "What are the most popular products right now", "What was just bought in my city in the last 5 minutes", etc.

Shopping APIs are some of the earliest examples of open web APIs. They continue to be a popular category for both developers and providers (see our Shopping APIs and Mashups Dashboard). Perhaps it's not surprising that a hip young company like Zappos has joined in. But when venerable retailer Sears has an API, you know its hit the mainstream.

The Zappos API appears to be functional, but an API Key is required to make calls. To be part of the alpha testing, you'll need to email Zappos, or contact the API team on Twitter. Also, you can find preliminary Documentation in the Zappos Google Group.

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