Zappos to Provide Order History Via OAuth API

Customer service-focused Zappos intends to make public a feature of its Zappos API that allows customers to access order history. The feature is currently available in its official iPhone and iPad apps, though there is no timeline for when Zappos will make it available to its growing developer community.

API Advocate Jimmy Jacobson shared the news of the order history feature on the Zappos API list:

Our API does at the moment have the ability to authenticate a user as a zappos customer and receive an oauth token and then pull up their Order history. Currently however, this functionality is only available for the Zappos Ipod and Ipad apps. We are hoping at some point we can offer this to all developers, but I'm not sure when that would be.

Such a feature would provide developers with the ability to gain more insight into their users, which potentially could mean increasing sales via better suggestions (Zappos recently added similarity search to its API) or applications with deeper integrations.

Zappos, which first released its API in June, has been looking to expand the available applications built on its API. It recently announced a developer contest, with both cash and Zappos credit prizes.

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