Zendesk Expands Integration Access to Answer Bot

Zendesk, customer service and engagement solutions provider, recently introduced the expansion of its Answer Bot product. Answer Bot is a Machine Learning tool that helps customers find answers for themselves. It pulls data from the Zendesk Guide knowledge base and suggests articles to help customers solve problems on their own.

Answer Bot has been around for a few years. However, Zendesk is expanding the service through Integration capabilities through API, SDK, Web Widget, and forms (both email and web). With such integration capabilities, Zendesk hopes to help users engage with their customers in an automated fashion at the many touch points users have with their customers.

"Customers today demand fast responses in a context that suits them, and AI can be used to help companies be more timely and accurate when engaging with customers," Adrian McDermott, Zendesk president of products, commented in a press release. "With Answer Bot, we're putting an end to laborious processes to resolve simple questions. We're not just delivering self-service everywhere - we're delivering AI-powered self-service everywhere, which will continue to make for a better customer experienced."

The Answer Bot Web Widget and an Answer Bot for Slack integration are now generally available. Mobile SDKs and the Answer Bot API are both in early-stage testing. Zendesk indicated that both would be generally available soon. For more information, check out the Answer Bot site.

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