Zendesk Improves Helpdesk API

Since its founding in 2007, Zendesk's helpdesk system has improved customer service departments and helpdesks around the world with their Zendesk API. Over 20,000 companies (from Sears to Groupon) "trust [Zendesk] with their customers." Currently, over 20% of tickets generated through Zendesk are come through the Zendesk API. Accordingly, the API is essential to Zendesk's success and Zendesk constantly seeks feedback to improve its product. Zendesk APIv2, now in beta, includes plenty of enhancements as a direct result of customer feedback. The new features include more endpoints for more visibility, better Documentation to ease development/ Integration, and standardization on JSON.

Zendesk's developer community includes over 100 integrations. Accordingly, The new API enhancements should spread quickly and allow for more innovation in the helpdesk industry. Zendesk's attention to developer feedback will continue to allow startups like Yammer respond to 2,000 tickets a month with a three person team, and household names like 20th Century Fox streamline helpdesk operations.

Zendesk continues to utilize REST protocol. However, it has refined its data format by standardizing on JSON. Zendesk has updated its documentation with the new release. Although Zendesk seems to have solidified its position in the helpdesk market, it welcomes continued feedback. For access to the API, register here.

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