Zenedge Launches API Security Solution with SDK

Zenedge, an AI-powered cybersecurity products provider, has announced the launch of Zenedge API Security, a product designed to protect APIs from DDoS attacks and malicious bots while allowing for legitimate API traffic. This new API protection product uses algorithms to make sure API requests are legitimate and protect APIs from DDoS attacks, malicious usage, API hijacking, and other nefarious activities involving APIs. Zenedge API Security includes a proprietary native SDK for use with Web and mobile applications.

Zenedge is a provider of cloud-based cybersecurity products powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Zenedge cybersecurity solutions include (but not limited to) bot management, DDoS protection, Web application firewall, and now API protection. The Zenedge cybersecurity Platform intercepts malicious traffic at the edge of the network so that it doesn’t reach Web applications or networks.

Traditional solutions aimed at protecting APIs typically involve the use of IP Rate Limiting and API keys. The newly launched Zenedge API Security includes a native SDK and a Zenedge Library that integrates with Web and mobile applications. The library generates a unique hash and each API call contains a Zenedge header with that hash. This is how API calls are determined to be legitimate and not from a malicious source. The platform blocks API calls that do not include the Zenedge generated hash.

"Our customers are deploying API endpoints at an ever-increasing rate to keep up with the demands of mobile applications, server-to-server communication, and micro service requirements which create a broader attack surface that is increasingly a target for savvy threat actors and malicious botnets," said Yuri Frayman, Chief Executive Officer of Zenedge, in a prepared statement. "Zenedge API Security is specifically designed to target these malicious actors and mitigate their attacks effectively."

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