Zerion Introduces DeFi SDK

Zerion, a Decentralized finance (DeFi) solution provider, has introduced a new DeFi SDK. The SDK is an open-source smart contract system that makes integrating the many protocols across the DeFi space easier. More specifically, the DeFi SDK solves the fragmentation problem, while remaining open.

The SDK enables smart contracts for precise DeFi portfolio accounting. It is on-chain and it supports many DeFi protocols. Popular protocols currently supported include Aave, Compund, dYdX, Synthetix, Set Protocol and Uniswap. A complete list of supported protocols can be found on Zerion's Supported Protocols GitHub page.

At launch, Zerion points out two SDK features of note. First, token adapters are the smart contracts that use on-chain data for simplifying complex ERC20 tokens. The DeFi SDK allows developers to call functions that view the details of derivative tokens, which ultimately delivers the real-time dollar value and unwrap tokens to expose the underlying components. Secondly, protocol adapters allow developers to understand the user-specific parameters utilized in many DeFi projects. With protocol adapters, developers get a bigger picture of a user's position across the suite of DeFi products and services.

Zerion used the DeFi SDK to build its DeFi Market Cap, which displays DeFi tokens by market cap. But this is just the beginning, as Zerion and partners have larger projects in the works. To stay up to date, interact with Zerion on Twitter, its Blog, Discord, and Telegram. To get started now, visit Zerion's GitHub depo.

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