The ZeroPush API: A Robust iOS Push Notification Service

The ZeroPush API is an iOS push notification tool designed to deliver more robust service than other notification tools. The company promises fast set up with Apple, Server Libraries for quick server side Integration, ZeroPush Cocoapod client side integration, and great Documentation for its programmatic interface to iOS notification tools. ZeroPush joins 40 other notification APIs in our directory.

The API reference documentation offers three ways for Authentication: query Parameter, Form-encoded POST Parameter, and HTTP. The analytics side shows how your users are using your app with push notifications.

Setup requires three simple steps: using the company's cocoapod to include the ZeroPush iOS Library, insertign the zero-push gem into your Gemfile, and running a generator that is included, in order to create an initializer. The overview of the documentation specifies that SSL certificates are required for both development and distribution environments, through Apple's Developer Portal.

Located in downtown Philadelphia, they promise great customer service if you get stuck. Their heroku addon just went into public beta.

The pricing is in four tiers, starting at free and maxing out at $50/month, escalating on number of apps (maximum 32) and push notifications (maximum 1.5 million), with more options if you contact them directly.

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