Zettaset Integrates with Skytap API to Increase Automation and Scalability

Skytap, enterprise cloud service provider, offers the Skytap API which enables users to automate complex operations related to the Skytap Cloud resources. Zettaset, a Big Data focused enterprise software company, chose to integrate with the Skytap API. The choice came after early Integration tests proved a simple migration progress from on-premise environments to a cloud based solution.

Zettaset's Senior Director of Technical Operations, Timothy Demarest, explained:

“I didn’t have to ask engineering to change their workflow....Everything that we were doing in our own VMware environment we can do in Skytap Cloud, only faster and better. No changes whatsoever were required, everything worked perfectly.”

The Skytap API has sped up Zettaset's test capabilities dramatically. The API eliminated manual steps in traditional testing, and allowed Zettaset to run multiple tests in parallel. Thus far, Zettaset has enjoyed a 200% increase in its testing time due to API integration with the Skytap Cloud.

The Skytap API uses REST protocol and can return calls in either a JSON or XML data format. Sample methods include creating and editing configuration parameters; editing templates and component parts; starting, suspending, or shutting down one or more virtual machines; and more. For more information, visit the API docs.
The Skytap/Zettaset case study stands as a good example of the arising compute environment that continues to develop a new generation of IT consumption. Zettaset was able to adequately analyze massive amounts of data with its Big Data capacities while using the scalability of Skytap's cloud and the automation of its API.

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