The Remote Control API Puts You in Control, an Internet video content management system, provides a suite of cloud based apps that allow users to create custom platforms that manage their internet television content. Over the past 4 years has been steadily evolving into a system that goes beyond an end-user application. The company pays close attention to how users maneuver and creates tools to improve the User Experience. One great tool is the Remote Control API. This API helps developers integrate a user's remote control with Zinc’s online video functions.

The Remote Control API provides all the basic funcionality that you would expect, including:

  • ZvRemotePlay - "Play" button (found on standard ZvRemote)
  • ZvRemotePause - "Pause" button (found on standard ZvRemote)
  • ZvRemotePlayPause - Combined "Play" and "Pause" button (found on ZvKeyboard and most Windows Media Center remotes)
  • ZvRemoteRecord - "Record" button
  • ZvRemoteFastForward - "Fast Forward" button. Conventionally, moves forward within or accelerates currently playing media.
  • ZvRemoteRewind - "Rewind" button. Conventionally, moves backward within, decelerates, or reverses currently playing media.
  • ZvRemoteNext - "Next" button. Conventionally, moves to next available track.
  • ZvRemotePrevious - "Previous" button. Conventionally, moves to previous available track.
  • ZvRemoteStop - "Stop" button. Conventionally, stops playback, and may reset position to beginning of media if desired.

The Remote Control API is one of 228 video APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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