ZL Technologies Opens Unified Archive through API

ZL Technologies; well established as an industry leader in records management, archiving, compliance and e-discovery software; has announced an API kit that allows software vendors and developers to integrate the functionality of its award winning Unified Archive (ZL UA) Big Data product into third party applications/software. ZL UA allows companies to manage massive amounts of unstructured data by "enable[ing] one and only one data copy, one consistent search, and one control point to coordinate retention policies across the enterprise." Since most enterprises already have Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions established, ZL Technologies decided to provide an API to easily integrate into the existing infrastructure. ZL Technologies founder and CEO, Kon Leong, suggests that integrating the API into existing systems "can effectively convert IT assets into business intelligence and strategic advantage." ZL Technologies focuses on the Fortune 500, and the bulk of its customers operate in this group. From Walgreens to Du Pont, Oracle to ADP, enterprises around the world currently benefit from ZL UA. IDC exalts ZL Technologies, suggesting it "has invested heavily in product development and differentiates itself on its unified, scalable architecture; search result performance and accuracy; and integrity of tasks." API access to such performance and functionality only increases its attractiveness to enterprises. ZL UA "archives dozens of file types for storage optimization, eDiscovery, compliance, and records management—all on a single Platform." The unified approach to managing disparate data can be integrated into existing ECM solutions  (e.g. Oracle, SAP, in-house developments, etc.). Gartner has already recognized ZL Technologies as a visionary in their field. Extending its functionality through an API kit further illustrates its forward thinking.

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