Zoeticx Aims to Open EMR APIs via the Cloud

There’s no shortage of controversy when it comes to healthcare these days, but from a developer perspective, the increased usage of electronic medical records (EMR) represents a potential boon. The challenge is that a lot of those records are locked up in proprietary systems that for the most part are fairly inaccessible.

Zoeticx wants to change that with its patient medical information system that is delivered via the cloud. Zoeticx CEO Thanh Tran says one of the goals for the company in 2014 will be to publish open APIs that third-party developers can use to create healthcare applications using data pulled for the Zoeticx service. That data, says Tran, is stored in a universal patient record that makes it possible to exchange data between incompatible EMR systems.

Image Credit: zoeticx.com

Once developers are authenticated by the Zoeticx service, they will be able to access healthcare information in any proprietary EMR system that Zoeticx has integrated with its cloud service, says Tran.

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Most of the applications will extend the workflow of healthcare providers, many of whom want to be able to leverage mobile computing devices. Obviously, the security of those systems is a major issue; to that end, the company has developed client software for mobile devices. In addition, Zoeticx plans to cement a relationship with Symantec that will make Encryption software for mobile devices available through Zoeticx.

Data being accessed is never persistent on the client or in the Zoeticx cloud service, adds Tran. This means the only time data is exposed is during an encrypted session. In addition, Tran says, Zoeticx provides the ability to blacklist certain classes of devices.

EMR technology is a central tenet of the Affordable Care Act, which requires healthcare organizations to meet a number of mandates over the next several years. When it comes to developing new healthcare applications using EMR, there are, of course, a lot of possibilities. The issue has been finding a way to give developers a way to securely access that data without having to do all the heavy lifting of Integration themselves. Zoeticx plans to make a step in that direction with its service. This could prove to be a lucrative opportunity for developers, and the applications they create could make a major difference in the lives of the people who use them.

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