Zomato Launches Foodie Index API

Zomato, a restaurant information solution provider, has launched the Foodie Index API. The API is a location-based system that rates areas of a city based on dining quality. Zomato hopes to integrate with rental and travel platforms in a manner that allows renters and travelers to make decisions at least partially based on the food options in a certain area. The Foodie Index API greatly expands Zomato's existing restaurant information Platform, which maintains data on more than 1 million restaurants in over 10,000 cities across the world.

"We're constantly finding ways to enrich dining experiences and helping people discover places to eat around them," Kirsty Cardy, Zomato's New Zealand country manager, told bizEDGE. "Partnering with local businesses allows Zomato's content to be easily accessible to people."

Zomato launched with a straightforward goal: "Our mission is to ensure nobody has a bad meal ever again." To accomplish this goal, the Zomato crowdsource team visits restaurants in its database at least once every three months to ensure that restaurant data is up to date and useful. The Food Index API, built on Zomato's restaurant data, helps summarize the food options in a certain area. Third-party applications can help direct users to specific locations based on the food options in the surrounding area.

The Foodie Index API isn't the first time Zomato has partnered with third-party applications to expand its customer reach. Earlier this year, Zomato partnered with Uber with an Integration that allows users to catch a taxi to a specific restaurant.

Food plays a major part in individual lives. While travel and real estate apps make for obvious integration targets, Zomato is interested to see what the developer community comes up with. To learn more about the API, contact the Zomato team.

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