Zoom Bolsters Developer Offering With New Video SDK

For Zoom, 2020 was a rocket ship that blasted the company’s value well past the Kármán line and into rarefied air, with much of this success being built on the back of the company’s mobile and desktop applications. The company is now hoping to further expand its reach via a new Video SDK that simplifies the process of integrating Zoom functionality into third-party applications.

Zoom highlighted the retail, gaming, and social industries as areas where it imagines Integration providing especially great opportunities. The company hopes that this offering will result in products that benefit its customers and end-users alike. The announcement highlighted these intentions:

“Using Zoom’s Video SDK, developers can enhance their customers’ experience, creating applications and functionalities that reduce friction in the User Experience, provide opportunities for audience engagement, and improve accessibility.”

Zoom is being very intentional about how it releases this SDK in hopes that developer onboarding will be as smooth as possible. In that regard, the company has also released a ‘Buy Now’ option that will make signing up for a Video SDK developer account much simpler. Additionally, it will be free to get started with the SDK up to 10,000 session minutes per month. The company has updated its developer portal to reflect all these changes. 

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