Zootle Offers CRM via API

Zootle, UK based hosted CRM provider, offers most of its features through the SalesSystemCRM API. From prospecting to order processing, the API allows developers to integrate an entire ecommerce solution with its existing website and apps. The SalesSystemCRM app suite already focused and tailored to budgets in the SME space. However, an API makes the CRM provider even more attractive to businesses strapped for IT resources.

In its short lifetime, Zootle has empowered businesses unable to obtain CRM and ecommerce packages as robust as SalesSystemCRM. Testimonials from businesses ranging from building materials to food and beverage profess its success. Additionally, Zootle partners with industry leaders in payment processing, hosting, and social media to further ensure a world class offer.

The SalesSystemCRM API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON or JSONP data format. The API allows developers to incorporate shopping carts, order tracking, payment processing, and more directly into a website or app. Additionally, using the API is free for SalesSystemCRM users. Those interested should check out the API site.

As CRM packages move from expensive, clunky on-premise software packages to dynamic, modular hosted solutions; more and more businesses depend on CRM platforms on a day to day basis. Zootle has joined the CRM forward thinkers and offered its Platform as an API to further integrate its capability in daily business operations. Keep an eye on Zootle as hosted CRM providers move beyond hosted applications to API providers.

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