ZOWi API: A Digital Quizmaster For Effective Learning

Knowledge is powerful, and finding effective ways to study further and increase that knowledge is definitely worthwhile. Some people find it easier than others to get new information to 'stick' in their mental databases, but for those who may find it a little more challenging, helpful tools are a welcome solution. ZOWi is one of these learning tools. It's a Platform and app that provides users with a convenient way to engage in oral questions and answers. By providing the ZOWi API, the company also makes it possible for developers to access content for a vast amount of questions and answers in real time.


ZOWi interacts with users by speaking the questions, listening to the spoken answers and indicating whether the answers are right or wrong. The folks at ZOWi propose the following benefits for using such a system:

  • Listening to a spoken question requires the user to be more focused and alert.
  • With a limited time to answer, users have to think fast.
  • Users will need to actually know the answer in order to respond, which is very different from reading through notes and choosing answers from a multiple choice list.
  • Users have to speak clearly and enunciate their words.
  • You can even listen and learn while driving, which you wouldn't be able to do if reading from study notes.

In addition to the platform's thousands of ready to use modules, users also have the option to create their own modules and questions where necessary.

The ZOWi REST API returns JSON formatted responses, and using the API, users are able to build interactive Q&A conversations. It makes it possible to retrieve lists of units, modules and specific questions, as well as enabling the user to evaluate whether the answer to a given question is correct. Interested developers will need to create an account in order to obtain a ZOWi token. Further information is available on the website.

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