zvelo Introduces API for Web Content Classification and Malicious Detection

zvelo, a URL database provider, has announced the zvelo API. The company calls the new product "the ultimate precision tool for Web content classification and malicious detection." It covers full-path and page-level URLs and can be used in a number of use case scenarios (e.g. parental controls, Endpoint security, phishing detection, threat intelligence, smart routers, and IoT security, etc.).

The list of use case scenarios is quite broad and growing. Anywhere that content classification and malicious detection is needed with extreme accuracy and speed, zveloAPI is a potential solution. The zvelo team has provided a data sheet with a host of use cases and a guide for how to get started.

zvelo API offers programmatic access to the zvelo Platform through a standard REST architecture. The platform includes human-supervised Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Web content classification and malicious detection services. API access provides such services in a fast, accurate and scalable model that doesn't compromise at granular levels of categorization. Developers can query single URLs or batch processing. The API includes 500 categories and supports more than 200 languages. For more information, check out the API site.

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