Zylo Launches API for its SaaS Subscription Management Platform

Zylo, a company that provides SaaS account management services, has released a new API that is intended to expand the reach of the company’s Platform to include a more expansive set of applications and services. Zylo is used by businesses to keep a centralized record of SaaS subscription and application data. 

By adding this new API, Zylo is making two big things possible. First developers can use the tool to add data from non-integrated applications into the Zylo platform, providing a more complete view of their company’s SaaS ecosystem and expenditures. And second, developers can more easily export data from the Zylo platform for use in other business management applications. 

Ian Runyon, vice president of product at Zylo noted in the press release that:

"This API is a powerful tool for organizations looking to complete their system of record for software by importing license and usage data from nearly any third-party application. We're also making that data even more powerful by allowing it to be used in the systems and contexts where decisions are being made."

The company has also recently released License Optimization Insights and License Optimization Workflows as new features that can be leveraged via this new API. 

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